About us

Harris Adventure AboutWell, hi there!

We are the Harris’ and we want to personally welcome you to our grand adventure. We’d love to have you join us, so feel free to follow along, but pack light –  we’re not paying any baggage fees.

Since our very first date 4 years ago, we knew that someday we wanted to see the world together. With Steven’s sense of spontaneous adventure and Julie’s (Red’s) organizational and planning skills, we were a traveling match made in heaven.

After 4 years in the United States Army, we knew that we wanted to celebrate this new chapter in our life with a once in a life time adventure. But with Julie having just started her own business and Steven merging into a new industry, it was important that we create a trip that catered to both our personal and professional goals. So knowing that traveling was a high priority to both of us, we needed to create  both a life and career that supported our adventurous lifestyle.

Hence, the Grand Harris Adventure Challenge was created!


2 People, 97 Days, 15 Countries, 11 Languages, 16 Flights, 388 Drinks and 2 very small backpacks.

We set out on this crazy trip October 1st for a 3 month European adventure to see 15+ countries all while working, and on a very strict budget.

Each location was chosen based on the previous location and how inexpensive it was to get to and from. Using Ryanair’s flight map, we picked a starting point and planned from there, hence our crazy coloring outside of the lines map you’ll see all over our site. Then with locations set, we took advantage of the incredible Airbnb hospitality and booked ourselves some incredible city center accommodations. Then all we needed to worry about was fitting 3 months worth of clothes (we are traveling in winter after all) and supplies into very tiny Ryanair carry-on approved baggage. Trust us, that is easier said than done. But we’ve got this!

Focusing on quality over quantity in both material items and time, we are ready to embark on this wild crazy once in a life time grand adventure.

We hope you enjoy the ride!

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